In addition to our usual case study panels and presentations, SPLC has built three training tracks that provide opportunities to learn the skills our community members need to design strategic sustainable procurement programs and build a thriving ecosystem of sustainable purchasers and suppliers.


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Winning Business with Sustainability for Diverse & Small Suppliers

Environmental and social sustainability commitments are no longer a nice-to-have for small and diverse suppliers – they are table stakes. Demonstrating your organization’s environmental and social responsibility is now essential for winning business. This track is designed for diverse and small suppliers not yet fully engaged with social and environmental sustainability. You will identify and document what you are already doing and plan for strategic development in areas like climate and human rights, where potential customers are looking for established programming.


Emerging Leaders: Launching a Strategic Sustainable Procurement Program

This track is designed for procurement professionals with some familiarity and experience with sustainable procurement but who need additional guidance to create an overarching sustainable procurement strategy and effectively identify and execute in prioritized focus areas. Topics include organizational alignment, goals and metrics, engaging stakeholders, and selecting appropriate solution strategies. The training moves participants from good intentions and opportunistic efforts to meaningful impact.


Procurement for Supply Chain Climate Impact

No issue has shone a brighter spotlight on supply chains than the climate crisis. Some 70-80 percent of most organizations’ emissions arise from their supply base (or supply chain) – meaning that successful climate strategy rests heavily on the work of procurement and sourcing professionals. This track will offer an overview of leading programs, metrics, and resources available to help purchasers and suppliers build climate-focused strategies, and engage and develop their supply chain partners to help them meet their objectives.


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